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Upload a photo...

Dating tip 1: Upload a photo for the benefit of you and our daters

Do's: Always choose a good clear photo of yourself - it does wonders for your profile. An in-focus photo says that you are happy within yourself and are ready to start dating.

Dont's: Try to leave out busy backgrounds, other people or ex-partners. Photos that are too dark or badly taken might suggest negative aspects of your character

Record a voice message

Dating tip 2: Record a voice message

Do's: By picking up the phone and making a simple 'meet and greet' recording of why you are looking for romance you can seriously improve your chances! The voice greeting gives your advert the added bonus of going into our local newspapers giving your short 25 word advert even more coverage in your local area.

Dont's: When recording your voice greeting - don't be negative! Attraction is the key, so be positive with your approach to romance and leave a message that will entice a response.

Be proactive!

Be proactive in your search

Do's: Now that you've joined - start looking for potential partners and if you see anyone you like - give them a tickle! A tickle is free and a simple start to maybe something bigger.

Dont's: Don't just sit there expecting someone to find you. Romance is a two-way street. We've given you free tickles to break the ice with.

Keep up to date

Keep your advert up to date

Do's: Just taken up a new activity? Keep your advert up to date with changes in your life as your new activity might be the spark in someone else's search and be the prompt for first contact!

Dont's: Don't forget to login. If you are keen to find that special someone in your life it pays to remain active and up-to-date. Just by logging in your advert gets refreshed in our matching pool and will be sent out to new members that join in your area.

Finding romance with us...

We make it easy for you to find romance in your area by giving you a free online advert and a free in-paper advert with free text alerts to either your mobile or by email.

Have a success story to tell?

We are always glad to hear from you - but especially glad if you have a success story to tell us and everyone else using our service.

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Safety Advice

Your safety is important to us, so before you start messaging people read our guide to playing it safe.

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Recording a voice greeting

This gets your advert in our local newspapers and improves your response rate ten-fold!

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